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Petrochemical Engineering


To produce world class industry ready skilled young leaders in the field of Petrochemical Engineering with caliber to develop sustainable processes yielding innovative products aimed to serve the nation and global community by evolving as a centre of excellence for teaching-learning, research and consultancy, integrating basic sciences with engineering applications.


Petrochemical Engineering Department is committed:

  • To bring out industry exposed career oriented graduates by means of innovative practices of teaching-learning process.
  • To educate students to design and develop intelligent products and services meeting global demands and standards.
  • To promote collaborative learning and research with industry, government and International organizations for continuous knowledge transfer and enhancement.
  • To develop globally competent engineers with industry ready skills especially needed for petro & energy sector.

About The Department

The Department of Petrochemical Engineering was started in the year 2011 to render services to the student community to meet as the global industrial expectations. The department is well equipped with various laboratories with modern sophisticated equipments.

The Department’s mission is to advance, evolve and enhance petrochemical engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of our research and of our students. Our endeavor is to make the PCE Department an important regional, national and international resource center for the development of energy (oil & gas) and environment (pollution free sustainable processes & products) sectors.


Petrochemical Engineers are able to break down oil or natural gas into its base components and then reconstruct it as specific types of oil products such as auto fuel, as well as plastics, polymers and other compounds found in many everyday products.
Petrochemical Engineering graduates have plenty of job opportunities in manufacturing and service sector industries such as oil and gas reservoirs, specialty chemicals, rubber and plastics, power production, biotechnology, tyre manufacturing, nanotechnology, mining process, mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, paints, synthetic fibers, chemical engineering designs, nuclear energy, materials science, development of new sources of energy and even medicine.

The Engineering Graduates are employed in defense establishments, healthcare related research projects, atomic power plants, environment regulation agencies, recycling department and power conservation projects.


Over the past several years, The Petrochemical industry in India has played an influential role in initiating the fast expansion of the economy of the country by contributing as high as 15% to the gross domestic product of India. In addition, exports by this sector also gave new height to the foreign exchange earnings. Above all, the sector offers wide range of employment opportunities through the public and private sector companies operating under its purview.

Some of the popular Indian companies hiring Petrochemical Engineers are: Barauni Petrochemicals (IOCL), Bayer ABS, Cetex Petro, Chemplast Sanmar, Cochin Refineries, Digboi Petrochemicals (IOCL), Finolex Industries, Guwahati Petrochemicals (IOCL), Haldia Petrochemicals, IBP, IG Petrochemicals, Indian Petroleum Corporation, Mangalore Petrochemicals, Mathura Petrochemicals, Mumbai Petrochemicals, NOCIL, Panipat Petrochemical, Reliance Industries, South Asian Petrochem, SPIC, Vadodara Petrochemicals Plant, Vishakapatnam Petrochemicals Plant etc.

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