Mini Project Expo 2018 organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

One day mini project EXPO was conducted by ECE Department on 25th September 2018. It was inaugurated by principal Dr.G.Ramesh in the forenoon of 25th  September 2018  by 10:00 a.m. at DSP LAB.

HoD of ECE Dr.V.J.Arulkarthick welcomes the gathering followed by the presidential address of principal Dr.G.Ramesh. The function was followed by project display by third and final year ECE students.Arduino Microcontroller were used for mini projects development. The project includes application in agriculture, medical, security, power saving etc.. All other department students visited the project Expo.

The function was conclude with the valedictory function. Principal distributed certificates for all the participants.

List of Projects

  1. Design of Automatic fire alarm system
  2. Design of Bluetooth Controlled Servo Motor
  3. Implementation of Automatic AC Temperature Controller
  4. Design of Motion Detector For Home Security
  5. Automatic Smoke Alarm System
  6. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
  7. Design of Home Automation System
  8. Design of Smart Phone Controlled Home Automation
  9. Design of Automation System For Street Light
  10. Design of Automatic Room Temperature Controller
  11. Implementation of Automatic Door Open System
  12. Design of Automatic Water Level Controller
  13. Implementation of Automatic Street Light Controller
  14. Intelligent Car Parking System
  15. IOT Based Smart Weather Monitoring Using Raspberry Pi