The Office of Residential Life, in partnership with the Administrative Office and the Principal, aims to promote a living-learning community – a community that supports both the intellectual and the effective academic growth of students. The Office also provides housing forms and information about on-campus housing, and administers system-wide policies and procedures related to housing.

On Campus Housing

Students are assigned to On-Campus Housing by the Administrative Office during admission, after their enrollment. They live in one of several rooms and/or suites in the On-Campus Housing and take their meals in the Annalakshmi Hall.

JCT takes seriously its obligation to support the well-being of all its students. This not only involves meeting to the greatest degree possible the needs of students whose continued residence may require reasonable accommodation, but also safeguarding the right of all community members to be free from undue disruption in their academic and residential lives.

Please contact the Office of Residential Life, Administrative Office for details regarding On-Campus Housing.