Laboratory Facilities

The following well planned laboratories are adequately equipped with required special glassware, chemicals, modern process equipments and analytical instruments etc.

  • Organic chemistry Laboratory
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Technical Analysis Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Mass Transfer Laboratory
  • Mechanical Operations Laboratory
  • Petroleum Product Testing Laboratory
  • Petrochemical Analysis Laboratory
  • Physical Testing Laboratory for Petroleum products
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Laboratory
Software Available

The modern sophisticated computer interfaced equipments used as Interacting & non-interacting system, Time constant of thermocouple and thermometer system, Temperature control trainer, Flow control trainer, Pressure control trainer, Level control trainer, P/I & I/P converter trainer etc. are installed with software for conducting the experiments, data collection and result analysis.