JCT Placement Motto :“We Renovate your Attitude”

The Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) at JCT has been established to prepare its students for the large competitive world. The CRC consists of a team that combines the academic power of JCT with the vitality and ambition of the students. It helps them to develop and shape their vision through a whole series of Training and Placements. The CRC networks with the best companies in IT, Telecommunications, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Food Technology, Mechanical, Electrical, retailing, manufacturing, FMCG, and many other industry sectors on a day to day basis. This has resulted in a strong and beneficial relationship for the students, the Institute and the business community. Industry and Corporate Personnel are regularly invited to interact with students and give them the feel of real life industry/business scenario. Every student is provided with ample opportunities for employment through campus interviews and placement processes which are conducted regularly for the entire year.

The college has all the required facilities for conducting recruitment processes for company presentations, group discussion rooms and conferencing facilities etc.

The CRC is presently headed by Prof.V.Jethose and Mr.G.Jayaprakash and is managed by a dedicated team of students under the mentorship of experienced faculty from each department who provide students with the support, resources and tools necessary to meet the challenges of a fast-paced and competitive employment market.