• PCB Design Using EDA TOOL
  • Basic Electronic circuits using Multisim
  • Digital System Design using VHDL>
  • Fundamentals of MATLAB
  • omputer Hardware and Networking (CCNA)
  • Project Based Learning in Embedded System Design using ARDUINO platform
  • Internet of Things (IOT) with Raspberry Pi
  • NS2 Network Simulation

Academic Year 2018-2019

S.No. Date Type of the Programme Title Name of the Resource Person Photo
 1. 03.09.2018 to 05.09.2018 Workshop Arduino and its Application Dr.V.J.Arulkarthick, HoD/ECE & Mr.M.Kannan, AP/ECE  ece1
2. 03.08.2018 Guest Lecture Basic of Digital and VLSI design Mr.S.Chandrasekar,Manager Director,Zerlon Solutions LTD, Coimbatore.  ece2
3. 04.06.2018 to 09.06.2018 FDP Instructional Model for Outcome Based Education Dr.T.Gnana Sambanthan, Professor/CSE and Dr.P.Sivasankar, Assi  ece3

Academic Year 2017-2018

S.No. Date Type of the Programme Title Name of the Resource Person Photo
 1.  07.03.2018  Workshop  Industrial Automation Tools and Techniques Mr.Ajith Surendran Regional Manager   ece4
2.  28.02.2018 Guest Lecture  Electronic circuits design using LTspice Tool   Mr.T.S.Balamurugan, Technical Head, Apex Integrated System Ltd, Coimbatore  ece5
3.  15.02.2018  Guest Lecture  PCB Design Mr.Manojkumar, Senior Technical Engineer, Livewire India Ltd   ece6
 4.  22.12.2017  Hands-on training  MATLAB in Signal Processing  Dr.S Thangaprakash, Professor & Head, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SVS College of Engineering, Coimbatore.  ece7
5. 12.08.2017   Guest Lecture Smart phone services   Mr.B.Krishna Kumar, Director, New Technology, Ciombatore.  ece8
6.  07.09.2017  FDP Model Based System Design in Engineering Applications & Research  Mr.Athiesh Kumar, Senior Application Engineer, Altair, Bangalore and Dr.S.Charles, Manager (Technical), Embedded System Solution Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.   ece9
7.  12.08.2017  Guest Lecture  INTERNET ON THINGS (IoT) Dr.S.Charles, Manager (Technical),Embedded system solution Ltd, Bangalore.   ece10
8. 12.08.2017  Association Inaugural   Inaugural address Dr.S.Charles, Manager (Technical),Embedded system solution Ltd, Bangalore.   ece11

Academic Year 2016-2017

S.No. Date Type of the Programme Title Name of the Resource Person Photo
 1. 24.03.2017 Guest Lecture Digital Image Processing Mrs.Dr.Bharathi, Professor, Kumaraguru Colege of Technology, Coimbatore. ece12 
2. 22.03.2017 Guest Lecture Insight on wires, Cable-Standards, Applications & guidelines for selection of cables Mr.Praveen Rosario, Quality Service Department, V-GUARD, Coimbatore  ece13
3. 20.02.2017 Guest Lecture Overview of Broadband Network in BSNL Mrs. VALARMATHI. K.A, Sub-Divisional Engineer, National Internet Backbone, BSNL, Coimbatore.  ece14
 4. 30.09.2016 Guest Lecture Bio medical Devices Dr.Nagaprabhakaran.R, from MIKADO medical systems, Coimbatore.  ece15
5. 30.09.2016 Hands-on training Patient Monitoring System Device using ARDUINO Board Mr.Jayavelu, Assistant professor, Coimbatore  ece16
6. 22.09.2016 Guest lecture

Signal Processing

Prof.Prabhu Venkatesh, SNS college of engineering,Coimbatore.  ece17
7. 31.08.2016 Seminar Anti-lock Breaking system (ABS) Mr.Boaz.D Associate Project Manager, ROBERT BOSCH, Coimbatore  ece18
8.   IETE SPONSORED-FDP Embedded System Design using PIC Micro-Controller and Proteus Simulator Er.N.Sethuraman,Sr. Design Engineer, Er.S.Parthibarasu, Sr.Design Engineer  and Er.Thanikaasalam, Sr. Design Engineer, JRM Technologies, Coimbatore.  ece19

Academic Year 2015-2016

S.No. Date Type of the Programme Title Name of the Resource Person Photo
 1. 11.04.2016 Hands-on training Java And Ns2 Mr.Dhanapal Suresh, CEO, Sirius Technologies, Coimbatore.  ece20
2. 02.04.2016 National Conference RTICET – 16” Recent Trends in Information, Communication and Electrical Technologies Mr. Mohan Kumar, Managing Director, Skypro Technologies, Bangalore  ece21
3. 24.02.2016  Guest Lecture “JFINAGLES “ Symposium of JCT Institutions G.S.Venkata Subramani, Managing Director, SG Structural Engineering, Coimbatore.  ece22
 4. 15.02.2016 to 18.02.2016  Hands-on training Embedded Systems Ms. Subha Sree, Technical Engineer, BETA Technologies, Coimbatore  ece24
5. 30.09.2015 Project Demo Driver Assistance and Traffic Seqirity Using RFID Amritha Karunakaran  ece25
6. 04.09.2015 Association Inaugural Inaugural address Mr.K.Sampath Kumar, HR – Training and Development, PRICOL Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore.  ece26