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Bio-Technology and Bio-Chemical Engineering

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2022 - 2023

About the Department

B.Tech. Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering is an undergraduate course. It is science, Technology and Engineering driven. This exciting specialization is based on living organisms with its application extending to all phases like industrial processing, Agriculture, Medicine, Environment and Energy. Course introduces the concepts of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology & Enzyme Technology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Genetics, Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics ans Property Estimation, Bioinformatics (IT), Industrial Microbiology& Enzyme Technology, Thermodynamics, & Biochemical Reaction Engineering, and Industrial Microbiology & Enzyme Technology to name a few. The duration of the course is four years and it is career orienting in nature.

One of the primary focuses of Biotechnology and Biochemical engineering is in the medical field, where engineers work to design pharmaceuticals, artificial organs, biomedical devices, chemical sensors, and drug delivery systems. Biotechnology and Biochemical engineers use their knowledge of chemical processes in biological systems in order to create tangible products that improve people’s health. Specific areas of studies include metabolic, enzyme, and tissue engineering. The study of cell cultures is widely used in Biotechnology and Biochemical engineering due to its many applications in developing natural fuels, improving the efficiency in producing drugs and pharmaceutical processes, and also creating cures for disease like COVID19, SARS, H1 N1


Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology is an emerging field, which as many promising career aspects. They are playing a vital role in the development of medicines that do not have any side effect and can be effective in minimum dosages on patients. A Biotechnology and Biomedical engineer may work in any of the fields of Food and beverage companies, agriculture and chemical industries, waste management firms, petroleum oil and gas fields, biomedical firms, engineering design companies, and pharmaceutical companies. With an increase in the consumption of packaged food, biochemical engineers’ role in the food processing industry has also gained importance.