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JAKRUTHI a National Level Technical Symposium

On May 14th 2022 JAKRUTHI a National Level Technical Symposium for Polytechnic students was conducted at JCT College of Engineering and Technology. The event started with the Inaugural function at 10.00 a.m in JCT Seminar Hall, all the Heads of the Departments and Event Coordinators and participants from various colleges were present at seminar hall.

The event started with Tamilthai Vazhthu followed by lighting of kuthuvilaku by the dignitaries. The welcome address was given by Dr.Rajiv Sureshkumar.G Vice Principal & HOD/CSE. Dr.S.Manoharan, Principal gave the presidential address and Vote of thanks was given by Dr.I.J.Isaac Premkumar Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

The Participants next participated in various events conducted by department of EEE, ECE & CSE. Many Students from various colleges participated in the various technical events. The first event was Circuittrix followed by Electro cross in Communication Lab and Technical Quiz in Common computer lab 1. In all the above events many students participated in Morning session.

After that Participants ,Students of JCT and Faculties dispersed for lunch. The Afternoon session started at 2.30 p.m onwards with fun games for participants. Finally prizes were distributed to the winners and participants.