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A Field visit for problem identification


About the Programme

JCTCET is established with the objective of providing education to all especially the down trodden and rural population. One of the grantee institute for Students start up and Innovation policy in the first phase of the policy. Institute has achieved many prestigious awards for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities. Students of our institute are showing keen interest into such activities. Institute is continuously working for the development and boost their career and make them success.

We know that water is the basic necessity for the functioning of all life forms that exists on earth. One of the major problems faced by us in our day to day life is water pollution. In order to aware about the water pollution we organized a field visit for our students to the nearest quarry. A total of 1200 people are living close to the quarry. Agriculture is the primary employment for most people. So they are unable to use the contaminated water in the quarry for the agricultural and domestic purposes. This field visit will help to identify the solution for the contaminated water and will make it pollution free.

The event included an introductory session on different methods used for improving the quality of the water and also about the extent of pollutants presents in the water. . The students were sensitized regarding types of pollutants in the water and their impacts on the environment.


With the exposure visit students can able to

Ensure the minimum safety standards of water as per environmental protection

Analyze the extent of pollution & identifies the sources & their impact on environment.

Know the cost effective treatment for polluted water.

Improve the quality of water.

No of Participants: 54 Students + 5 Faculties