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An one day workshop on Innovative Curriculum Design and Implementation


On June 1, 2024, from 10 AM to 4 PM, teaching faculty gathered for a highly anticipated workshop on “Innovative Curriculum Design and Implementation,” organized by the Petroleum Engineering department to foster discussions on the latest advancements and strategies in curriculum development. The workshop provided a platform to delve into innovative approaches and best practices for curriculum design, ensuring that educational institutions stay ahead in a rapidly evolving academic landscape. The event featured a presidential address by the respected principal, Dr. S. Manoharan, who underscored the importance of innovative curriculum design in contemporary education.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. S. Venkitesh Babu, setting a collaborative tone for the day. The Master of Ceremonies, Ms. Divya Rajeev, Assistant Professor from the Petroleum Engineering department, efficiently guided the proceedings.Mrs. Sreebavya, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, introduced the esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. G. Tholkappia Arasu, CEO of Quality Assurance at HSI, Aassaan Educare Foundation, Chennai. Dr. Arasu, with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in both industry and academia, provided rich insights into curriculum innovation. He emphasized the integration of technological advancements and interdisciplinary approaches to meet future challenges. His address highlighted the importance of fostering healthy competition and mutual help among faculty, understanding diverse student needs, and adapting teaching methods for more effective learning.Interactive sessions allowed participants to engage in discussions, case studies, and workshops on implementing technology and developing interdisciplinary curricula. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by V J Arul Karthik, IQAC Director and HOD of the ECE department, expressing gratitude to Dr. Arasu, the organizing committee, speakers, and participants for their contributions to the success of the workshop. This event provided a platform for networking and collaboration, fostering a community of educators dedicated to enhancing the quality of education through innovative practices. The workshop was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with practical strategies to drive innovation in their educational institutions.