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26 Jul, 2013

Association Inaugural of Department of Civil Engineering – Avishkar 2013


The Inaugural function of “AVISHKAR ’13” the Association of the Department of Civil Engineering of JCT College of Engineering and Technology was organized on 26th July 2013. Er.M.BALAMURGAN, President and Er.D.GURUPRASAD, Secretary of Coimbatore Civil Engineers Association were the Chief Guests of the Inaugural function “AVISHKAR ’13”.

The Principal Dr. R. Saravanan, Er. M. Balamurgan, Er. D. Guruprasad, Prof. Muthukameswaran and Prof. Kumar HOD of Civil Engineering were present on the Dais. The function started with a Prayer and the lighting of Lamp by the Dignitaries on the Dais. The Prof. Kumar welcomed the gathering. Associate Professor Siva Karthikeyan, introduced the office bearers of the Association to the audience and Prof. Muthukameswaran enumerated the forthcoming events for the academic year 2013-14.

The Presidential address was delivered by the Principal Dr. R. Saravanan. In his address he advised the students to make use of all the facilities available. In this context, he referred to the famous quote “You may lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink”. He also pointed out that apart from academics which is mandatory, students have to focus on Association activities.

The Chief Guest Mr. M. Balamurgan congratulated the students on choosing the civil Engineering course and also for inaugurating this association function. He requested the students to make use of the Association as a platform for learning. He also gave many useful tips to become a successful Entrepreneur. He stressed on Time management, Quality of work and involvement.

Mr. D. Guruprasad evoked the pride in being a Civil students. He briefed the students about the several categories of job opportunities available to Civil Engineers. He urged the students to visit construction sites to gain practical knowledge and also to learn how technology is applied.

The Programme ended with the Vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Akil Krishnan, the Student President.