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Coding Competition


The event of ‘CODING COMPETITION’was organized by the Computer Science and Engineering Department on 19/03/2024, aimed at fostering a spirit of innovation and problem-solving among the students. The event brought together aspiring coders and programmers to showcase their skills and creativity in the world of coding.

Dr.T Justin Jose, Head of the Department highlighted the importance of competitions in honing the technical abilities of students. The HOD's words set a tone of enthusiasm and competitiveness for the event.With the signal to begin, participants delved into the challenges and puzzles presented to them. The air was filled with the sound of typing and the quiet intensity of focused minds as they navigated through the coding tasks.

As the coding session drew to a close, everyone gathered for a special lecture by the Principal Dr S Manoharan. The lecture touched upon the significance of coding in today's technological landscape, inspiring students to continue exploring the vast world of programming.Following the insightful lecture, the much-anticipated moment arrived - the announcement of winners. The top performers were acknowledged for their exceptional skills and dedication. Certificates and prizes were awarded by the Principal, recognizing their achievements in Coding tasks


1st Place:Jawaharlalnehru

2nd Place:Fathima

3rd Place: Sridhar

Vote of thanks was delivered byMrsS.SANDHYA, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.