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07 Aug, 2013

Expert Lecture on Orientation of Industrial Environment


The Association of Mechanical Engineering conducted a guest lecture on Orientation of Industrial Environment & 5S technique in Lean Manufacturing for the III year Mechanical Engineering students. Mr. Somasundaram Nandakumar, Trainer, Vedik technologies, CBE was the expert who conducted this lecture. The program commenced with a welcome speech provided by Prof. Joslin Vijaya.

The expert started with his speech with explaining the various man power distributions & functional activities/ departments existing in the manufacturing industrial arena. The need & significance of the skills required for each functional activity in the manufacturing environment was listed and explained in brief.

The application of 5S Methodology in Lean Management was discussed in detail with live demonstrations of a case study from the industrial environment. The importance of the 5S – Sweep away, Sorting, Spotless, Standardizing & sustaining was defined and illustrated with real time examples.

Students were asked to provide a feedback on the program how it was beneficial for them. The program concluded with a vote of thanks provided by Mr. V.Yuvaraj Sathish Kumar.