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Expert Talk’ series, organized by the Electronics and communication Engineering Department


The first session of the ‘Expert Talk’ series, organized by the Electronics and communication Engineering Department, witnessed an energetic and insightful talk by Dr.Salini. K post-doctoral research fellow, University of Sydney, Australia. The session was titled as: “Advances in quantum computing”.

The department students attended the lecture on 10th February, 2023 at 2.30pm. She has discussed the basics of quantum computing, with the help of presentation slides and how we have moved from classic computers to quantum computers. Quantum computing focuses on the principles of quantum theory, which deals with modern physics that explain the behaviour of matter and energy of an atomic and subatomic level. Quantum computing makes use of quantum phenomena, such as quantum bits, superposition, and entanglement to perform data operations.

While stating the benefits of quantum computing on one hand, she also cautioned the students on the other, against its ill effects. She emphatically stressed on the importance of automation-industry and how it will reduce the job opportunities of humans in the due course oftime.

She advised the students to develop an acute curiosity to comprehend the gaps in the real world and see how they can fill the gaps by their innovative ideas and projects. After the session, the speaker also was keen on handling the relevant queries coming from the students with regards to project ideas and attributes required by students to be industry ready. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.Reddygari Chethana II B.E ECE. The session was organized by Alumni faculty coordinator, Prof. Thahseen Thahir.