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19 Aug, 2015

Faculty Enrichment Program for Faculty Members


“Work Smarter! NOT HARDER” as the quote specifies the faculty enrichment program arranged by our institute is the smartest program. It gives us immense pleasure to thank our management .

The enrichment program helped us to work towards “Good to Great”. The teaching methodologies like Game based learning debates Role play ,presentation ,providing videos and case studies etc will help us to step up in Teaching.

The workshop helped us with new ideas how to deal with the new generation students providing them a good knowledge in all means it also help us to access myself in means of knowledge communication ,Teaching methods and presentation skills, experience and Interpersonal skills.

The term “TE-TRA-CO-COUN-ME “in the word should be remembered by a teacher throughout their teaching carrier TE-Teaching, TRA-training, CO-Coaching, COUN-Counseling and Me Mentoring .The scenarios stated for each part in the workshop is very useful.

If this kind of training program is provided to all the faculty members will help to increase the quality of teaching and the education provided in our institution can be improved along with the personal growth of the faculty members.