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12 Feb, 2013

Lecture on “Foundry Technologies”


EXPERT : Er.PADMANABAN, Supervising Advisor,Cameron Manufacturing Technologies

Er.Padmanaban, Supervising Advisor from Cameron Manufacturing Technologies, Coimbatore was invited to deliver a lecture on “Foundry Technologies” for the IV year Mechanical Engineering & II year Automobile Engineering students. Prof . V.Yuvaraj Sathish Kumar welcomed the resource person and students.

Mr. Padmanaban started with providing an insight into the various foundry techniques involved in developing castings. He elaborated technical information on Investment castings, sand castings, gravity die castings,Injection moulding, High Pressure die casting, and Aluminium die castings.

The materials involved in the foundry processes such as various ores (material compositions) of steel, cast iron, stainless steel was also discussed. He described the concepts of cope, drag, riser & runner in sand castings. Pattern making, its types & the material involved, Mould and core making were also explained.

Video clippings of the various foundry technologies were displayed. Castings of various Pump & Valve components and the defects that can arise in castings were also exhibited. Feedback was obtained from the students.

Prof.D.Joslin Vijaya concluded with vote of thanks.