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National pizza day


National Pizza day is celebrated every year on February 9. The day unites pizza lovers worldwide and pays homage to diverse flavours and toppings of flat bread. It is a day to celebrate the unique recipe of flat bread. This day is a fun celebration to mark the importance of pizza in culture and its widespread appeal. Pizza unites people with its delectable taste combination and adaptability, whether it is consumed as a gourment dish, a family meal or casual snack.National Pizza Day is a delightful celebration to deliver culinary joy beyond boundaries. The day recognizes the cultural significance of the beloved dish leading to moments of indulgence and enjoyment.The Department of Food Technology conducted a department event “Pizza day” on 9.2.2024 at 11.30 am in Baking and Confectionary lab. JCT College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous).Students of Food Technology exhibited their products and also attended fun events.