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National Science Day Celebration Ariviyalai Kondaduvom on 29th February, 2024


The Department of EEE organizes a program “National Science Day Celebration-“Ariviyalai Kondaduvom” on 29th February, 2024 at 2.30 PM in Government Higher Secondary School, Pichanur, Coimbatore, with the Guidance of Dean-Academics Dr.K.Geetha, and Presence of Program Coordinators Mr.K.Guruvaran, Mr. D. Nagarajan. The main objective of the program is creating awareness to students about the Space innovative technology.

In this program,VI, VII, VIII and IX class students participated in the competitions like Essay writing and drawing for the given topic of “ Vinveli Ariviyalil India” conducted on 28.02,2024. Total 74 number of students from the above classes were participated in the competitions and best three creations by students were selected for the prizes.

Assistant Headmistress Mrs.Kalaivani initiates the Program and delivers the speech about the importance of Electrical applications in day to day life.

Prof.D.Nagarajan, AP/EEE motivated the students to build their talents to achieve their goals.

Prof. K. Guruvaran, AP/EEE, appreciated the students to participate more events and advised to improve their skills.

Dr. K.Geetha distributed the prizes for the winners and motivated all participants to take part in National Science Day.

It was a useful Program organized by JCT College of Engineering and Technology.