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25 Aug, 2014

National Seminar on Advances in Green Technology


Addressing the National Seminar On Advances In Green Technology For Pollution Free Energy Sources, sponsored by Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India on 25 August 2014 at JCT College of Engineering and Technology, Pichanur, Coimbatore, Dr. T. Meenambal, HoD, Geotech., Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, stressed the importance of saving the planet Earth from global warming, climate changes, calamities of sea level raising and genetically modified microbes.

The seminar was addressed by many invited speakers including Dr. K. Muthukumaran, HoD – Chemistry, GCT Coimbatore, Dr. J. Jeyanthi, GCT Coimbatore and Dr. Udya Bhasker Reddy, Amrita University, Coimbatore.

Burning of fossil fuels increases carbon dioxide emissions which result in global warming. The developing nations need to prevent carbon dioxide generation by adapting green technologies and to create environmental awareness for their sustainable growth which only leave a healthier biosphere for future generations.

Many papers were presented on the engineering design aspects of pollution control equipments. Hybrid energy capture from the sun via solar cells and wind energy mills coupled with thermal energy systems are proposed. Alternate energy sources like tidal, biogas, geothermal and hydrogen fuel cells are possible. Biodiesel and biogas options as cogeneration of energy give hope but the performance efficiencies are not encouraging. The challenging task of carbon dioxide sequestration and containing to prevent hazardous emissions are also taken up for discussion.

Earlier, the Petrochemical Engineering Association was inaugurated by Dr. T. Meenambal, GCT Coimbatore and Dr. Venu Chandra, IIT Madras, Chennai gave the valedictory address. Dr. G. Ramesh, Principal presided over the function. Prof. N. Krisnaswamy, Dean, welcomed the gathering and Dr. R. Paramasivam, Head of the Petrochemical Engineering Department expressed vote of thanks.