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Webinar on “SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO” on 05.08.2023


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of JCT College of Engineering and Technology organized a special webinar on “SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO” on 05.08.2023 at 11.00.am.

The key speaker of the event was Dr.K.C.Sriharipriya M.E.,Ph.D.,PDF.,(Assosiate Professor,School of Electronics Engineering Vellore Institute of Technology,Vellore).The session started with the welcome address and introduction to the Chief guest was given by Dr.V.J.Arulkarthick HoD/ECE .

Chief Guest delivered his lecture on the topic “Software Defined Radio”. The webinar aimed to shed light on the revolutionary technology of “Software Defined Radio” and its impact on modern communication systems. She gave the introduction to SDR by explaining the concept of radio system where hardware components are replaced or enhanced by software. Participants learned how SDRs offer flexibility, reconfigurability and interoperability across wireless communication protocols. She explained about the numerous advantages of SDR over traditional hardware centric radio system. she also explained about several use cases of SDR in different sectors, including defense, telecommunications, public safety and satellite Communication. The webinar also highlighted the potential future developments and advancements in SDR Technology.

Overall, the webinar was informative and engaging and provided attendees with a deeper understanding of this transformative technology. Around 50 students and faculty members from various colleges were benefitted through this program. Finally the vote of thanks was given by Prof.Thahseen Thahir (AP/ECE).