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23 Aug, 2014

Workshop on the Topic “Android Application”


The association of Computer Science and Engineering Department conducted a workshop on the topic “Android Application” on 22-08-2014 and 23-08-2014. The resource person .Mr.Nandagopal , Technology Analyst , Chennai dealt with the session.

The programme started with an introduction of Prof.G.Rajiv Suresh Kumar, HoD ,Computer Science and Engineering.The chief guest started his valuable words by mentioning that an engineer has to face the most competitive technical world and endorsed the students to interact well. The colloquium included basics aboutBuilding Your First App,

Adding the Action Bar,Supporting Different Devices,Saving Data&Interacting with Other Apps.

The session ended with enquiries which rally round the students to elucidate their suspicions. The session lasted for two days. The lecture was highly constructive, informative and obliging for the students.