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World Food Day


World Food Day is an international day celebrated every year worldwide on October 16 to commemorate the date of founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945.The day is celebrated widely by many other organizations concerned with hunger and food security ,including the World Food Programme ,the World Health Organization and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.WFP received the Nobel Prize in peace for 2020 for their efforts to combact hunger,contribute to peace in conflict areas,and for playing a leading role in stopping the use of hunger in the form of a weapon for war and conflict. The Department of Food Technology conducted a department event “World food day” on 16.10.2023 at 10.30 am in Baking and Confectionary lab. JCT College of Engineering and Technology (Autonomous) . World Food Day is not only about celebrating the amazing food that people have the privilege of indulging in, but it is about raising awareness for people who do not have such privilege. A pledge was taken to avoid no wastage of food .And all the three years have cooked different dishes to avoid hunger for all people. The dishes cooked are Vegetable biriyani, cauliflower gravy, Kesari and Tea. All Higher officials came and visited our department and appreciated all the students and faculty members for our team work. We promote worldwide awareness of hunger and promote action for the future of food, people and the planet. together we can create a better, more sustainable food future for all.