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Inter/Intra Institutional Business Plan Competition & Reward Best Innovations


JCT College of Engineering and Technology has taken the initiative to bring the vibrant communities of visionaries and entrepreneurs together through an “Inter- and Intra-Institutional Business Plan Competition and Reward of Best Innovations’ that brings together entrepreneurs, startups, and partners to share their stories with investors, raise funds, and also get valuable feedback on their businesses. The competition was organized from April 3 to 5, 2024, in JCT Seminar Hall. The event was organized with the objective of vitalizing student entrepreneurs and supporting the growth of jobs. In order to strive for the business competition prizes, there must be a serious intent to launch the proposed business. The event was committed to fostering and supporting the entrepreneurial essence and skills of students and young adults.Dr.P.Satiyamoorthi, Moon Foods, graced the occasion as the chief guest of the event. The event started with a felicitation. In the Business Plan Competition 2024, a total 26 teams from various institutes participated. There were three rounds. Round one was the elimination round, conducted in three-day sessions comprising 8–9 teams each, and judges (two in each session) were required to judge the presentation based on innovation, justification of the idea, content, confidence, query handling, etc. The event started with a description and rules and regulations about the event. Students were given 8–10 minutes to present their ideas, after which questions were put up to them by the judges as well as the students. Students Presenting Business Plans The prudent decision taken by the panel of judges allowed 5 teams to move on to the final round, which was the final round. In this round, the final winners have received cash prizes.