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Academic Research – Automobile

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Academic Research – Automobile


S.No. Name of the Faculty Client Details Nature of works
1. Mr.A.Vinodh Kumar Apex water systems and lab Equipment Chennai

Design of Furnace overheating Indicaton


List of MoU

S.No MoU Details
1. Ambal Private Industrial Training Institute, Coimbatore
2. Maruti Driving Institute, Coimbatore
3. Avinash Engineering, Coimbatore
4. AS Engineering Works, Coimbatore
5. Sharp Engineering, Coimbatore


Centre of Excellence

We are involve in the consultancy activities like Emission testing and engine performance under the Department Research and development .


Training program is conducted for all three year students to enrich the knowledge and Innovative skills for the betterment of the startup.

1.Spark – Ignition Engines

2.Compression –Ignition Engines

1.Assembling and dismantling of two wheeler and four wheeler engines
2.Handling the tools
3.Learning about electrical and electronics systems used in automotive
4.Assembling and dismantling of chassis and frames.

Cone Clutch

  • At the starting of the vehicle, the clutch pedal is pressed by the driver which allow to compress the pressure springs thus the inner cone slightly move far from the outer cone. This will break the contact between inner cone and outer cone thus the clutch is in disengage position. Any rotation of the engine shaft or driving shaft does not transfer to transmission shaft or driven shaft.
  • Now the driver want to engage the transmission line thus he slowly released the clutch pedal. This will allow to pressurized spring to expand which pushes inner cone towards outer cone and allow making contact between them. A frictional force acts between inner side of outer cone and outer side of the inner cone which allow them to rotate at same speed. Thus the engine shaft and transmission shaft allow rotating at same speed and the clutch is called in engage position.
  • Less wear and tear compare to positive displacement clutch.
  • It is silent in operation.
  • Comparatively higher torque can be transmitted than same size of plate clutch.